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Learn more about chemical peels with Mixed Makeup and Beeta Beauty

Getting your questions about chemical peels answered! Dr. Batra performs a ViPeel on Mixed Makeup so you can see the procedure and before after results!     Watch the ViPeel: See the Results!:

Is a Chemical Peel Right for You?

Chemical peels are performed in the office and are applied in order to slough the top layer of skin. They can address a number of skin issues, including acne, precancerous lesions, texture changes and wrinkles. Many of our patients significantly benefit from them. Obagi Blue Radiance Peel: This mild-medium strength salicylic acid-based peel is perfect...  read more

Giada De Laurentiis asks Dr. Batra about Vitamin C

See the full article here  Vitamin C has many benefits for your body and skin. It is an important factor in helping your skin build collagen. When Vitamin C serums are applied to the skin, they can serve as an antioxidant to protect it from free radicals, molecules of oxygen that can attack and break down...  read more

Nanoparticles in Your Sunscreen - What is all the fuss about?

Here at Batra Dermatology, we stress the importance of a physical block sunscreen with active ingredients of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to ensure the best protection for your skin. Because these ingredients tend to make the sunscreen appear white on the skin when applied, companies have worked to decrease the size of these particles...  read more