Acne Dermatology Santa Monica

Acne Dermatology in Santa Monica Will Greatly Improve Your Appearance

Acne Dermatology Santa Monica

Currently, 50 million Americans suffer from acne—it’s the most common skin condition. You’re not alone if you have this condition, and you know more than anyone that it can be more than just a physical issue—but also a mental issue. Acne can cause semi-permanent or permanent skin scarring, low self-esteem, poor self-image, depression and anxiety. You may even avoid social gatherings, your loved ones, and friends. With acne dermatology in Santa Monica, you can cure this life hampering issue.

Batra’s Acne Dermatology in Santa Monica Will Change Your Life

Acne dermatology in Santa Monica can change your life. But what causes acne? There are a number of different kinds of acne that acne dermatology in Santa Monica can address. Acne vulgaris or simple acne includes whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. All of these are caused by dead skin cells and oil clogging hair follicles. Genetics are believed to contribute tremendously to acne and the need for acne dermatology in Santa Monica. Comedonal acne is caused by oil and debris clogging pores and include skin colored bumps commonly found on the forehead and chin. These bumps are called comodones, also known as blackheads. Hormonal acne is often experienced by women and teenagers and is caused by hormones which trigger facial oil production. Menstral cycles can be a time in which women experience flare ups. Inflammatory acne consists of red bumps and pustules that are not whiteheads, blackheads or comedones and likely have to be treated by acne dermatology in Santa Monica. Cystic acne is not infected and is difficult to treat without professional assitance. This kind of acne can be serious and may need treatment by acne dermatology in Santa Monica.

Certain foods are likely to cause acne and the need for acne dermatology in Santa Monica. While there isn’t any definitive research proving which foods cause acne, there are a number of foods that are under suspicion of causing this condition. It’s believed that foods with high-glycemic index such as potatoes, pasta, bread, rice and desserts as well as dairy products, whey protein supplements and sweets can worsen existing acne. Overactive oil glands, medications such as corticosteroids and lithium, consuming junk food and smoking all contribute to acne.

In order to tackle the issue of acne, it’s important to address the causation. Many over the counter products will not address certain kinds of acne, such as cystic acne. You must use the right face wash, moisturizer and other products.

You could take topical or oral antibiotics as to solve your acne issue. There are medications available, such as minocycline, which addresses severe acne, doxycycline for regular acne, spironolactone which reduces oil production in the skin, oral contraceptives with estrogen which address hormonal acne and isotretinoin which comes in pill form and also addresses severe acne.

Acne dermatology in Santa Monica will cure your skin issues. Visit Batra Skincare online at or call (310) 829-9099.