Retin-A - Is It Right for You?

Tretinoin (also know as Retin-A) is a vitamin A-derivative prescription-strength cream intended to be used on our skin at bedtime to stimulate cell turnover and collagen formation.   It is used both as an anti-aging and anti-acne product.  It addresses fine lines and wrinkles, reduces rough texture and enlarged pores, and lightens discoloration.

Tried tretinoin in the past and found it too drying?  You may want to try it again!  We have found that tretinoin can be tolerated by most people, as long as we give our skin time to get used to it and offset any dryness with a noncomedogenic moisturizer.  We recommend starting it only twice a week, a few days apart.  If that's not too irritating, you can increase the frequency of use only as tolerated.

Tretinoin can benefit both men and women who want to keep their skin well-maintained as they age.  It can also help prevent and control acne and breakouts.  Unfortunately, this cream should not be used on those who are pregnant or nursing.  See Dr. Batra or Jo-Anne in our office to see if tretinoin is right for you!


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