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Batra Skincare provides premium surgical and cosmetic dermatology in Los Angeles. There are many reasons to use surgical and cosmetic dermatology—some of the reasons to use surgical and cosmetic dermatology are for health reasons and some are for aesthetic purposes.

Use Surgical And Cosmetic Dermatology For Your Health

For example, you should use surgical and cosmetic dermatology if you have irregular moles on your body. You should monitor your moles as much as possible. If a mole enlarges, if the borders change, if it’s itchy, bleeding, painful or scabbing, you must use surgical and cosmetic dermatology. Moles can be carcinogenic so you have to be absolutely vigilant. If you do develop skin cancer, know that it is the most common form of cancer and is the easiest cancer to cure if diagnosed early. However, melanoma is the most dangerous kind of skin cancer and can be deadly if not caught early or left untreated by surgical and cosmetic dermatology.

Other skin issues can be addressed by surgical and cosmetic dermatology. Persistent acne or cystic acne is difficult to remedy simply with over the counter medicines. Surgical and cosmetic dermatology can cure acne with a focused treatment. There may be an underlying issue that you may unaware of that surgical and cosmetic dermatology can treat. In fact, you may be suffering from an illness appearing to be acne that is in fact something else, such as shingles, that requires serious attention.

If you’re sure that what you have are pimples rather than a serious issue and you have an important event coming up, you can use surgical and cosmetic dermatology to receive an injection to speed the healing of cystic acne. Otherwise, you may be prescribed topical retinoids such as Rentin A, antibiotics, or even oral treatments such as Accutane or birth control.

Other skin issues that surgical and cosmetic dermatology would correct include eczema. This illness of the skin is characterized by dry itchy patches appearing anywhere on the body that last for over a week. You need surgical and cosmetic dermatology to verify what the irritant is and how to treat it. Further, another issue you may face is psoriasis. This ailment is characterized by rough, scaly, red patches of skin growths and is caused by an autoimmune disorder. Psoriasis can be itchy, burning and painful and must be treated by surgical and cosmetic dermatology as soon as possible.

Rosacea is another skin issue that surgical and cosmetic dermatology can help you with. This includes constant flushing of the skin that’s persistently red, appearing to be blushing. The cause of rosacea is unknown, but it can be worsened by inclement weather, hot beverages, alcohol, stress, spicy good and exercise. A prescription or treatment using lasers can prevent rosacea and treat existing flare-ups.

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