Top Dermatologist Los Angeles

Top Dermatologist Los Angeles

What do you look for when you want to find the top dermatologist Los Angeles has to offer? Seriously, this is Southern California and in some parts of LA it seems like there’s a dermatology clinic on every other corner. You don’t want to trust just anyone with your skin, of course. You’ve seen what can happen when people have too much work done or work done poorly on their skin and you definitely don’t want to be that person. You want the best Los Angeles, California dermatologist you can find – and you want them at a price that’s reasonable.

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Education is an Important Factor in Looking for the To Dermatologist in LA CA

Most of us don’t think to check on the educational credentials of the professionals who provide service for us, including our doctors. But we probably should. After all, when you go to a dermatologist Venice, Los Angeles, or elsewhere, you’re entrusting your skin – the only skin you have –into their hands. It’s important to know something about their training. Dr. Batra has studied at Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. You’re not going to find a more prestigious trifecta of schools anywhere in the world. A native of LA (she was graduated valedictorian of Palisades High School), Dr. Batra has received high honors in all stages of the academic background which has served as a springboard to becoming the best dermatologist in Los Angeles 90061.

Experience Matters, Especially when You’re Putting Your Skin in Someone’s Hands

Classroom education is critically important, but the top dermatologist in Los Angeles CA’s education continued – and continues – outside the classroom. After completing her internship at Stanford and training at Boston’s Physicians of Chestnut Hill, Dr. Batra continued to conduct clinical research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She eventually became the section head of dermatologic surgery and dermatology for Hope National in Duarte. She is a regular contributor to professional and academic journals in the dermatology field and continues to give back to the field by serving as Clinical Assistant Professor at USC’s Keck School of Medicine.

Above All Else, Look for Proven Results

Of course, academic achievements, as important as they are, don’t prove that Dr. Batra is the top dermatologist Los Angeles has to offer. Whether you are seeking dermatological services for cosmetic or other reasons, you want the result of healthy, young-looking skin. Perhaps the best test of any dermatologist Venice, Los Angeles or anywhere else has to offer are the end results, the before and after photos of their clients and their testimonials. It’s here more than anywhere else that Batra Skincare sets themselves apart from the pack. Come see the results others have had when they’ve trusted their skin to the best Los Angeles dermatologist and you’ll see why we can confidently say that Batra Skincare is the top dermatologist Los Angeles has to offer.

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